“100 Coding Challenges for cracking Facebook, Amazon, Google Interview 2.0: Get that Job!!” by  Akshay Ravindran 

Version 2.0

What’s New?
-Added All Questions in the Book. For Easier Navigation.
-Added Solutions to all the 100 Questions with Explanation of the Algorithm and Approach.
-Structured Format of Solutions:
– Aim
– Example
– Code
– Algorithm
– Explanation

Interview coming up? Placements? Don’t know where to start?
Does everyone say to grind Leetcode? But there are 1000 of problems which daunts you!
Getting tired of working out problems that are never asked in Interview?
Wasting all that energy on a problem that will never be asked?

Here is your solution to all these questions!

100 Interview Questions
200 + References to Solving these questions
All of them have been asked in interviews

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