Stavros: If you look at that 5% of people who can keep the weight off with the current methods of weight loss, you will notice that their whole life is about fitness.  They constantly thinking about their diet and their workouts.  If you look at healthy regions around the world, people don’t see to worry about their diet or exercising and yet they don’t have a problem with maintaining their good shape.  How come?  The answer is very simple.  All their healthy behaviors that keep them in shape, are habitual behaviors so no thinking is required.  It’s like their fitness program is on autopilot.  With my approach I don’t just teach people the 7 essential behaviors for a lean and healthy body, but through a unique step by step approach, I coach people how to make these 7 healthy behaviors completely habitual and part of their everyday life.  Because they no longer have to think to engage in these healthy behaviors, maintaining the results becomes effortless.  It’s like putting your weight loss program on autopilot.

Who Is Stavros Mastrogiannis

There are many weight loss experts who can help you lose weight but when it comes to sustainable weight loss Stavros Mastrogiannis is the expert you want to be talking too.

Stavros is a 27-year veteran of the weight loss field, owner of Live Your Way Thin, a personal training and coaching facility and Danbury CT, and he is the creator of the Live Your Way Thin System.  Stavros is not just another weight loss expert, his is a how to lose weight for life expert.

Fitness was not Stavros’s first career choice. He graduated from one of the finest schools in Culinary Arts, The Culinary Institute of America.  He ended up in the fitness industry almost out of frustration.  He felt that fitness professionals did not understand the average person like him, who did not like exercising, and did not want to give up all his junk food, and complaining about it would not help, so he got involved.

From the very beginning, it became very obvious to him that there was something seriously wrong with the way the industry was approaching weight loss because most people end up regaining the weight back.

What enabled him to come up with the answer to sustainable weight loss, in big part was his upbringing.  Unlike most other weight loss experts, his position on weight loss, health, and nutrition, was not shaped by simply studying in a classroom or through the certification process.  He was raised on a Greek island where thin and healthy was the norm and people in their 90s lived productive lives. That unique life experience gave him an insight on weight loss, nutrition, and health that very few weight loss experts have.

Stavros held two ACE (American Council on Exercise) certifications for almost 20 years.  He has organized many fitness and weight loss events including the Danbury Weight Loss Challenge in 2004 and he partnered with St. Jude Children’s Hospital for the Get In Shape for 2007 Challenge.