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“Titanic Kid Servants” by J.B. Pearls

Titanic Book of the Kid Servants: A Haunting Story of the Bellboys Aboard is a mystery thriller that tells the story of bellboys who served the doomed luxury liner. They all vanished with the ship as she slipped beneath the ice of the cold unforgiving ocean water and never to be seen again.

Years later, Matt and Margret by chance crossed paths on the Emerald Tribute Cruise. Their ship faced a mysterious transverse with the ghosts of the bellboys from the Titanic’s past. Their inquisitiveness led them to unveil several hidden secrets on the tragic night of April 15, 1912. Both Matt and Margret being history buffs, uncovered the truth behind the existence of the ghosts and were convinced that several had been lingering on their ship. Margret detected their paranormal activities through her electromagnetic field detector gadget.

The thrill began when the dead souls of the bellboys started to haunt Margret and Matt. Unveiled the secrets buried from 1912 as they started the unexpected journey with the ghosts. What was in the letter that Matt was supposed to deliver to Archie?

Through gripping details, Titanic Book of the Kids Servants: A Haunting Story of the Bellboys Aboard brought to life the forgotten story of these young men, their struggles, and the passengers they served. It served as a potent symbol of human fortitude and resiliency in the midst of misfortune. As they confronted the catastrophic sinking of the ship, they faced their own destiny.

This page-turning novel takes the reader on an unforgettable journey giving a new perspective on the Titanic story exploring the lesser-known aspects of the extraordinary incident at sea.

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