“10 Seconds That Changed My Life” by Iain M. MacLeod

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My name is Iain and I live in the North-east of Scotland. I suffer from Cerebral Palsy. I used elbow crutches/wheelchair for my mobility. I was fiercely independent; lived on my own, loved driving, studying higher education with the Open University and generally enjoying life. My life dramatically changed in June 2017 following a silly accident while getting out of bed. Now I have become severely disabled and am physically unable to do anything for myself and must rely on carers, in the supported housing complex where I live, to do everything for me. I am now in an electric wheelchair all the time. I had to give-up my house as I could no longer live independently, as I need a lot of care, and cannot drive anymore.
10 Seconds That Changed My Life by Iain M MacLeod is a book, I wrote, and tells the story from when I woke on that June morning to my discharge from the fourth hospital some eleven months later. It is available on Amazon as an eBook, paperback, hardback and audiobook. The audiobook is narrated by a top BBC Radio Scotland continuity announcer, twice winner of the ‘One Voice Award.’

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