“Abuse, Sex and Drugs: The Life of Teenagers on the Streets of America” by Taylor

***This book contains extreme violence, drug use and descriptions of sexual interactions. Reader discretion is advised***
This is a story about friends that were forced by circumstance to find a better life for themselves on the streets. The way each of them found themselves on the street varied, some were abused teenagers that ran away from home, others were fugitives from Child Protective Services, but they all wanted nothing more than to go back to school, have friends and a loving, supporting family. Instead they found themselves forced to find a way to survive on the streets while avoiding the Pimps trying to force them into slavery, the Drug Dealers that sought to string them out on Dope and the Police. With nothing but their wits and their feminine wiles (and a boy named Twitch) the girls had to find a way to make it off of the streets before it was too late, so they banded together and with their new family they fought to hustle their way to financial independence. But the streets are hard and the world is unforgiving. And unfortunately, not everyone is strong enough to make it. This is the point where its supposed to be implied that the girls overcame their obstacles and went on to live happy lives, but that isn’t the world we live in. Years have passed and now it’s time to tell what happened so that their lives and their stories aren’t forgotten. But the story of a group of abandoned teenage girls trying to hold their own against the ‘powers that be’ ends pretty much as you would expect. Needless to say, this story doesn’t have a happy ending….

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