Amateur’s Guide to Brewing Barista Quality Coffee at Home” by Edmond Hui

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By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll be able to brew café quality coffee from your home. Coffee is a wonderful drink that many people enjoy around the world. I consider brewing coffee, as both an art and a science. The basic concept is simple: put ground coffee beans in water, which will then extract compounds from the beans that imbue the water with the flavor elements we know as brewed coffee.

The artistry comes into play in the details. The size of the grind, the length of the brew, and the method of extraction will all play a part in which flavor notes are emphasized in the final cup.

Coffee is certainly one interesting beverage. The silky taste and the energy that comes with is enough to make almost everyone fall for it. If you are already a mad coffee addict, then this book will be mad fun for you.

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