“An Agent for Bernadette” by Jo Grafford

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Poor little rich girl Bernadette Chambers is weary of being told what to do. All her life, she’s been instructed how to dress, how to act, and who she is allowed to befriend. However, she draws the line at being told she has to marry a man she’s never met, even if refusing to marry him means being cut off from her family’s fortune. Realizing she’ll need a job to support herself in her bid for independence, she decides to become a Pinkerton Agent, only to discover she’ll be required to marry a fellow agent (in name only) before receiving her first case.

Park Harrington is a shipping tycoon by day and a Pinkerton agent by night, which leaves him little time for courting. When the oldest daughter of his family’s greatest competitor refuses to to honor their arranged marriage agreement, he despairs of ever finding a suitable woman to lead to the altar. Then he finds out the name of the Lady Pinkertons’ newest recruit is none other than the spoiled, indulged debutante who refused his hand in marriage. He decides to get revenge by requesting to be matched to her for the next case!

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