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Ascension” by Anneliese Khalil

An intense, philosophical, thought-provoking supernatural thriller.

On the night Joel Stevens attempts suicide, he experiences a vision that instills in him an obsession to become an angel.

Joel is rescued by Donovan, a passing vagrant, who claims to be an angel capable of guiding him to achieve his goal. Joel welcomes Donovan into his home, where tensions build with his wife, Sarah, who believes her husband is having a psychotic breakdown.

Donovan insists Joel must literally put his life in his hands, and helps him achieve three near-death experiences through which he visits broken, incomplete souls in Purgatory. Each visit diminishes Joel’s physical and mental state, which brings him closer to achieving the state of being “less,” which is essential for ascension.

Following Joel’s final visit to Purgatory, violence erupts as Sarah attempts to wrest him once and for all from the grip of Donovan. Joel flees, along with Donovan, and races to fulfill his destiny at Philadelphia’s famous Pyramid Club, which occupies a site used across the millennia for those ascending.

But little does Joel know that his destiny has been written for centuries, and not everything—or everyone—in his life is what it seems to be . . .

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