Me: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?           

Dr. Hipsky: I was actually in a remedial Language Arts class in High School because I had fallen behind because learned differently. It was during this course that a teacher Coach Fortner suggested that I write prose for a contest when he realized that I could actually my write well. To everyone’s surprise, I won 1st place in the entire state of Ohio for my writing. Once I experienced the joy of the written word and gained the self confidence, nothing could hold me back. Last week, I had the #1 Bestselling Book in all of India so I went from being thought of as a student who was so far behind in her work that she was being tracked for learning issues to inspiring the world with my writing!


Me: How long does it take you to write a book?

Dr. Hipsky: Depends on the book. This is my 13th and I have had books that took 6 months to write. However, when I wrote my Pearson Textbook for university use. There were 21 reviewers on each chapter. So I had to compile the critical and meet the needs of all reviewers. That one took three years plus I was writing during the time that I also birthed two babies and taught as a tenured professor.


Me: What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

Dr. Hipsky: When I am in the zone, it’s constant and often through night. I become laser focused on the mission of getting the book into the world. Of course, at the same time I am running my company and nonprofit while easing my children.


Me: Do you intend to keep writing?

Dr. Hipsky: Of course! I am a writer to my core and once I see a need to be filled and I establish the mission of my book, there is no stopping me!


Me: What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Dr. Hipsky: I write most of my books in noisy places. I wrote them in all-night diners, lounges, coffee houses and, while in Paris, at outdoor cafes.


Me: Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

Dr. Hipsky: My books are nonfiction so I get the ideas from needs that must be met from my readers. This includes a need for inspiration, empowerment, and balance in my Common Threads trilogy to having reader ask me how I created my businesses and brands with Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants. I love pouring over transcripts, research, and telling a story from my own memory to being the concepts in the book to life for my readers.


Me: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Dr. Hipsky: I think the chapter in Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants that looks at how Google structures their company and their “truths” and breaking it down to how my rewards build their mission and brand that way revealed some surprises.

Dr. Shellie Hipsky is the CEO of Inspiring Lives International an “Inc. Verified” motivational media company. The American Chronicle called her “A top entrepreneur in the U.S.,” and The Huffington Post categorizes her as a “Fierce Woman.” She is the president of the nonprofit 501 (c)(3) the Global Sisterhood, a charity that guides and supports women and girls toward their dreams and goals. Dr. Shellie has earned the titles of “Entrepreneur of the Year in Inspiration and Empowerment,” the “Women of Achievement Award,” “Best Woman in Business,” and “VIP Woman of the Year.” Three of her 13 published books, based on 100 amazing interviews from her Empowering Women Radio show, the Common Threads trilogy focused on Inspiration, Empowerment, and Balance, earned international bestseller status. The former tenured professor of Ph.D. students and host of Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie on NBC has keynoted internationally from Passion to Profits in Hollywood to The University of Oxford in England and now teaches her signature EmpowerU Master Class, making the world her classroom. This powerful entrepreneur and influencer is the founder and editor-in-chief of Inspiring Lives Magazine: THE Magazine for Empowering Women which is available on the app, digital subscription, or at Barnes and Nobles nationwide with over 5 million impressions. Dr. Shellie has been featured on over 20 magazine covers and on all the major TV networks, and she is delighted to bring the world BALL GOWNS TO YOGA PANTS: Entrepreneurial Secrets to Create Your Dream Business and Brand through Morgan James Publishing.

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