This week it is my pleasure to interview author Eunice Forson.

Me: Did you always know that you would write a book someday?     

Eunice: No, I did not until 28th July 2010, when I had a word of knowledge to write book series on “Discipline in the Church”.


Me: What inspired you to write this book?

Eunice: On October 18, 2018, I attended a women’s conference in Dallas, Texas. The message that dominated the conference was from the Book of Luke 8:43-48. It was about the woman with the issue of blood, but the unanswered question throughout the various teachings was in verse 44. Why did this woman approach Jesus from behind?

On October 20, 2018, during the morning glory session of the conference, as we were praying, I called upon God for healing because I suffer from a neurological condition. At the time, I found it difficult to write with a pen.  I believed I was healed according to 1 Peter 2:24. His word says that by the stripes of Jesus, I am healed. With great confidence, I stood on the authority of God’s word and declared my healing. There and then, God revealed to me the concept of the stripes of Jesus. It was at that instant God gave me this revelation to the concept of the stripes of Jesus and the healing of the woman with the issue of blood.


Me: How did the cover of your book come to be? Is it exactly like you envisioned?

Eunice: It is exactly how I envisioned it to be.

I incorporated two bible stories into this book and have linked them together. The second story about the woman with the issue of blood has been embedded in the healing stripes of Jesus. I merged the two stories into one; therefore the cover is designed to tell the emerging of these two stories. But the main feature is the representation of the bleeding stripes on Jesus’ back

I did not want their skin colour to be noticed, as the image represents ALL, and not a particular race, then with the cloak that the woman touched as a background colour. Combining the texts of Luke 8: 44 and 1 Peter 2: 24.

Me: Do you intend to keep writing?

Eunice: Yes, I do intend to keep writing.


Me: How many books have you written? Which is your favorite if more than one? If only 1 book then do you plan on writing more?

Eunice: This is my first published book. I am currently working on a book series.


Me: Was there any interesting tidbits you edited out of this book?”

Eunice: No, I did not edit out any interesting tidbits.


Me: What do you want people to take away from this book? 

Eunice: There a message for every reader in this book of healing. I want the reader to get to understand who this woman without a name is and her reason for touching Jesus behind from the crowd. Understand her entire journey from the crowd crushing in on Jesus from every side to discovering the wounds on Jesus’ back. The daughter of Jairus was awakened from her sleep, but how did she end up asleep instead of being dead?

I want people to understand the message of healing of the Church as the LORD teaches it.


  • Why the woman approached Jesus from behind to touch the hem of his garment?
  • Why she is in that state of bleeding?
  • Who this woman in the picture of Jesus and Jairus’ daughter is?
  • Why the woman came between Jairus’ daughter illness and her awakening?

Understand the significance of the woman touching Jesus’ servanthood garment? 


Me: What is By His Stripes?

Eunice: With great confidence, we declare 1 Peter 2:24 for our healing, but has it ever occurred to us to touch these stripes of Jesus?  There is Jesus walking to Calvary in pain carrying the cross on His back. He has our salvation all written on his back with the wounds he suffered for our sake. And there is the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8: 40 – 48) combing the whole land for healing. Strange how these two entities met; one waiting for a touch and the other looking for a touch, because Jesus was on His way to Jairus’ house. The woman was immediately healed by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment.

The crowd is crushing in on Jesus, but are they touching him on his garment? The church today has surrounded itself around things that are not meant for the church, but for the world and competing with the world for its peace.

The church is losing perspective on what it is about. How does the church regain its perspective after losing it?


Eunice Forson is a principled visionary who founded the faith-based empowerment movement Seeds of Greatness. She is also an ordained lay minister, author, teacher, and guide who is passionate about the End Time Church. Through her blog “The Seed,” she publishes excerpts of her spiritual writings as part of her calling to imbue in others the wisdom imparted upon her throughout her spiritual journey.

She is the author of the book “The Oneness: Mystery Behind The Construction Of The Lampstand” (November 2020),an introductory part to her book series “Discipline In the Church: The Plan of Perfect Intercession. Subscribe to her monthly blog posts at








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