Me: Did you always know that you would write a book someday?        

Steven:  I have been interested in writing since I was a child. I attended Temple University and majored in Journalism. I knew that someday I would write books. I am now the author of eight published books.


Me: What inspired you to write this book?

Steven: Amy the Astronaut and the Secret Soldiers is the sequel to Amy the Astronaut and the Flight for Freedom. I wanted to continue the story from the first book. The sequel has a darker tone and it allows the main character to develop in interesting ways.


Me: How did the cover of your book come to be? Is it exactly like you envisioned?

Steven: I provided my publisher, Twin Sisters Press, with an idea of what I wanted for this cover, and they hired a cover artist to bring it to life. I am extremely happy with the result.


Me: Do you intend to keep writing?

Steven: I have more story ideas that I could write in a lifetime. I think I will continue to write for the rest of my life.


Me: What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Steven: I have a straight-forward approach to my writing. I don’t try to use flowery language when strong prose gets the job done.


Me: How many books have you written? Which is your favorite if more than one? If only 1 book then do you plan on writing more?

Steven: I am the author of eight published books. I am proud of all of them, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would say Where Freedom Rings: A Tale of the Underground Railroad. This historical novel tells the story of a slave family seeking freedom in the North in the late 1800s.


Me: Was there any interesting tidbits you edited out of this book?”

Steven: No, all the best is in my latest book.

Steven Donahue is the host of the YouTube series Chapter One. He was a copywriter for TV Guide magazine for 14 years. His first novel, Amanda Rio, was originally published in 2004. He released three novels in 2013: The Manila Strangler, Amy the Astronaut and the Flight for Freedom, and Comet and Cupid’s Christmas Adventure. His fifth novel, Chasing Bigfoot was published in 2014, and his short story Grit was also included in the anthology Hero’s Best Friend by Seventh Star Press. In 2015, he published his sixth book, Where Freedom Rings: A Tale of the Underground Railroad. In 2017, he released his seventh book, Solahütte. Amy the Astronaut and the Secret Soldiers was published in 2019. Donahue is also the author of The Passion Cafe series. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Dawn, and an assortment of pets.


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