“CHOKE POINT: How to Bring Order to Life’s Chaos” by Phil Kimble

Life is often filled with chaos and struggles that come in many forms. Chaos could be with your finances, career, marriage or relationships, health, a crisis, and now even with a global pandemic. Battling life’s chaos often seems unfair, and it feels like we have no chance of winning.
This book is a fresh and unique approach to personal development that aims to solve this problem. You will be shown how to take a military strategy, apply it to your life, and ultimately bring order to life’s chaos. Then you will be taught how to use “The LAW of Personal Development” to completely transform your life.
Most books for personal development tend to give you a tool to solve a problem. A tool is often nothing without a reliable process, and that is why many people fail to make the necessary changes in their life. This book aims to give you that process. Whether you have done nothing in regards to personal development, or you are deep in your journey, this book can help.

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