“Couvade Syndrome: What Male Sympathetic Pregnancy is & how you can Fight it” by P. A. Simon

When Men become Pregnant!
Is your wife or partner pregnant and you’re experiencing morning sickness, baby bumps and muscle cramps? Do you have the sudden urge to eat everything you find and you feel that you have finally gone crazy? You feel that no one will ever believe that you’re having the same symptoms your pregnant partner has and you just need an urgent solution to your mysterious pregnancy symptoms.

From the author of “Soon to be DAD: HandbookFor Expectant Fathers” comes another informative book about couvade syndrome, which will explain why you’re having the strange pregnancy symptoms you may be sharing with your pregnant partner.

You’re not the first to experience these symptoms and won’t be the last because records of “couvade syndrome” have been in existence for several millennia. This book will answer the questions you’re having in your mind about symptoms of couvade syndrome.

Knowing that there is a community of researchers who have devoted time to understand the strange occurrence of pregnancy symptoms in soon-to-be dads is reassuring. Grab a copy of this book and get the tips to help you overcome the shame and fear of talking about your symptoms and further equip you with the right information to help you deal with the symptoms.

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