“Dirty Desires Book two : Crossed Lines” by Sarah Mosby

Are you eager to enter a forbidden world where dominance is everything?
Is the idea of hot and lustful sexual encounters driving you wild with anticipation?
Dirty Desires Part Two may be everything you ever wanted!

When a billionaire demands that you submit yourself to him in every way, then for these women there is no question of refusal. His every desire is to be catered for; their sole aim is to make sure that he is pleasured and satisfied in whatever way he demands.

Enter the world of Matthew, a man whose sexual appetite is matched only by his bank balance. With the ability to have any and every material thing at a whim, he gets his kicks from the control that he can exert over the women who enter his life.

And if you want to see what makes him tick, gets him aroused and why women are prepared to do just about anything to please him, Dirty Desires Part Two is where you will find it.

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