Discredited Citizen” by Robert Kiesling

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Set in 2030 where artificial intelligence controls all facets of the criminal justice system and human lawyers have been all but done away with, a once great trial lawyer, John Keys, is faced with the harsh realities of this new system. Pushed over the edge he commits an AI crime that lands him in prison with no hope of being set free. That is until his old partner, now the chief operations officer of Zon, the corporation that runs the smart city, gives him a way out by representing a doctor falsely accused of murder. All he must do is convince the doctor to admit guilt and take a plea pill to avoid a guaranteed death sentence. But when the doctor refuses to take the plea pill and demands a human jury trial, Keys discovers a conspiracy by Zon to cover up their heinous crimes against the human population to maintain control. His life now in mortal danger, Keys must figure out a way to expose Zon’s plan before they discover what he knows and delete him and everyone he loves forever.

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