“Engulfed by God’s Fire: You are Empowered to Dominate” by Rev. Kayon Watson

This book is for Christian believers who want a deeper understanding and insight into the third person in the Godhead body (The Holy Spirit). I believe this book will shift your thinking and cultivate your spirit to know and understand the role and purpose of the Holy Spirit in your life; you won’t see yourself as you once did and neither will you see the Spirit of God as you did before. It is the Lord’s will that all His children be equipped with the knowledge of His person so that they can rise with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit above every circumstance that tries to shift their divine purpose. Within the pages of this book, there are revelations that will stir your spirit and cause you to dig deeper into the things that are of God.

I pray that by the time you finish reading this book that the Holy Spirit will illuminate your mind and cause you to be a mighty soul winner and a God influencer throughout this earth with mighty signs, wonders, and miracles. Let the God DNA in you arise, and let every fleshly nature die for the advancement of God’s kingdom on the Earth. May God enlighten your understanding and increase your spiritual capacity as you read.

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