“Final Diagnosis—No Second Chances” by J. T. Madicus

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In a publishing first, American producer, entrepreneur and activist J. T. Madicus has created a medical drama/thriller novel that educates with real-life medical science. No Second Chances (QUPI Legacy Foundation, March 2020) is designed to put the joy back into medical education and rescue students from repetitive lectures and dreary textbooks. The first novel in the Final Diagnosis series has already been turned into a TV Series that will premiere in Fall 2020.

The first book in the “Final Diagnosis” series, “No Second Chances” is a fast-paced tale of mystery, suspense and drama that also contains real-world medical insight and facts.

Narcissist. Alcoholic. Drug addict. These are not typically qualities we look for when choosing a doctor.

But this isn’t the world your parents grew up in. In troubled times, perhaps only a hero with a history of sin and enough character flaws to fill a textbook can get the job done. After all, one man’s insanity is another’s genius.

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