“If You Knew: Inspirational Quotes and Questions to Liberate the Mind and Heal the Heart” by Deborah Saunders

What if you knew that you had tremendous wisdom and resilience inside you?

What if you knew that you have are unconditionally valuable?

Deborah Saunders tackles the number one reason why people face anxiety, self-doubt and emotional blocks in their daily lives: their limiting assumptions. With inspirational quotes and enlightening self-reflective questions, If You Knew can liberate these assumptions and unlock empowerment and positive direction in the face of life’s ups and downs.

Whether you are looking to find solutions to issues, strengthen your relationships or have an improved quality of life, this book offers you a new world of possibility.

“This book aims to help people think outside of the box that was created for them in childhood, to challenge their limiting beliefs and find their own, individual truth”. (Dr Miriam Adahan PHD best selling author and clinical psychotherapist)

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