At times, it is hard to accept life on good terms when you have toxic chemicals in your liver. The key to good health is to start by changing the way we think and feel. In real sense changing our behavior transforms our health. Have you heard people refer to someone toxic as; having a bad(shitty) liver?

That is just the truth, depression, anxiety, stress, grief, loss, and having a poor image of your body has caused so much change in our lives that we can become healthy or sick by eliminating some. Sadness, worry, or anxiety are normal emotions, but we shouldn’t allow them to sink into us. Doing that makes us healthy! What are the unhealthy factors? Excessive irritation and distress that hinder daily performance.

My approach is to approach the healthy liver-lifestyle through the channel we often ignore-our emotions. When people hear emotional health, the first thing that comes to mind is having balance and contentment. Emotional health is more than that; it includes resilience, the ability to get up when life hits you.

The truth is that no-one wants to fall sick. And when we do, the ability to bounce back from that setback can be problematic. That is why I have not only included practical ways to get back on track, but I have also added mediums and procedures to prevent liver disease.

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