“Mantis Intrigue: Mantis Saga – Book 5” by Jim Henderson 

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Ximon and the unique crew of the retired Republic scout ship Mantis continue their adventures. A while back they encountered some ancient, powerful aliens who violently want to be left alone. Now the Republic won’t leave them alone and wants more and more information out of them and won’t take “No” for an answer. Government entities scheme and pressure the crew, while the crew tries to hide a few details and make allies. Meanwhile, it’s unclear what the government will do with the information they’ve received. How will they deal with powerful aliens a hundred light years away? Can the crew make it out in one piece?

Along the way, Ximon and his crew – a female engineer with a drinking problem, Ximon’s sexy companion robot, a robot mechanic, and the intelligent and evolving ship’s computer have to work together to deal with a powerful, government bureaucracy.

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