“Mary Magdalene: A Historic Novel” by Sandra Cerda

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In a world and time where women are shamefully scorned, abused and rejected, hear the story of how one came to the Lord Jesus Christ and the power that emanated throughout her life, as a result: Mary Magdalene, and how she loved Jesus.
With Scriptural accuracy and Historic balance passionate descriptions portray the legendary Mary of Magdala bringing it to life in the Book/Film Project, Mary Magdalene. One of the most significant, intriguing and mysterious figures in Christianity, Mary Magdalene was part of a movement that transformed the world. First to receive the mantle of Evangelism in the New Testament her story reveals the power of unconditional love and forgiveness, redemption, restoration and renewing of purpose in life for even the least among us. Through loving portrayals of her youth and encounters with Jesus, to the Cross and ultimately a preaching Evangelist, follow the footsteps of Mary, beloved Apostle to the Apostles and experience this human depiction of life and love in Jesus and His immeasurable mercy and grace.

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