“Path to Freedom: Leading a Life of Joy, Impact, and Abundance” by Nader Vasseghi

Throughout life, we’re invited to go through various levels of transformation, but many of us decide not to answer the calls. Instead, we stay in our comfy boxes where everything makes sense. In doing so, we thwart and limit our world of possibilities, and don’t get a chance to move beyond our caterpillar like shells and turn into the beautiful butterfly that we are meant to be.

In Path to Freedom, Nader Vasseghi reflects on his own journey of transformation and distills a practical set of insights and guideposts to help readers discover and connect to their purpose, access and bring out fullness of their creativity, and lead a life of joy, impact and abundance.

The path to freedom starts with opening to and recognizing our own true self, finding our way of being and feeling at home with it, and honoring and living in alignment with our heart’s deepest desires.

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