“Secrets of the Legendary Hero: The Shadow of Palandeen” by B.E. Carter

A young man named Yusha wakes up in a world that looks and plays out just like his childhood video game. Instead being behind a screen, he’s now living in the world of Elysium! Monsters, sword fights, and adventure! Nothing could beat a dream come true of living in your own favorite fantasy game!

From fighting giant wild boars to very dangerous slimes, Yusha fills in his role of being the Legendary Hero. Just as everything seems to be going how the game plays out, a new quest appears before him, one that he’s not aware of ever being in the original game. Intrigued, and always being a completionist, Yusha sets out on this adventure excited not knowing how this quest will play out.

But with how lifelike everything seems, the NPCs in the town of Palandeen are reacting just a little too realistic to his words and actions. With everything going on as if it was all real, Yusha starts questioning if the world he’s inhabited a virtual one or another world entirely.

Get ready for a Hero that isn’t what he quite appears to be in the first of the many secrets of the Legendary Hero!

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