“The Attachment Styles Mastery” by Jeff Green

Do all your relationships seem to follow the same pattern, no matter who you’re with?

Do you encounter similar issues from relationship to relationship?

Do you think you’ve found the one but worry that you’re doomed to relive the same relationship problems with them?

No matter how much you want to have a problem-free relationship, it’s inevitable to run into some issues along the way.

But when your problems keep repeating themselves and are damaging your bond with your partner, you will need to look beyond your current issues and dive deep into the past.

In psychology, attachment theory explains adult relationships through the lens of parent-child relationships.

According to this theory, we develop attachment patterns with parents and caregivers in early childhood that influence how we relate to others as adults.

Your attachment styles can also determine the type of person you gravitate to in relationships since you are looking to have your needs met in a certain way.

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