“The Muslims Book 7: Eidul Adha (Islamic Books for Children)” by Ahmad Philips

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In book 7 of ‘The Muslims’ we are introduced to a new character named Hamza. Hamza is looking forward to Eidul Adha (a special celebration for Muslims), and is hoping to have a good time, when something unexpected happens! This chapter’s moral lesson is about loving for others what you would love for yourself.’The Muslims’, is an Islamic comic about a Muslim family of 4. A father, mother, son and daughter, and their interactions with each other and the society around them. The show is for kids and is centered around seven year old Hani and five year old Huda. This is meant to help Muslim children learn Islamic values to better develop their relationship with their parents, friends, society, and their Lord. It will inshaa Allah educate them on how to respond to everyday challenges of life.

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