The One Called Chosen” by Isio D. Wanogho

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Urhie is the girl who should never have been born. She was given as a gift to desperate parents by the powerful goddess the villagers refer to as The “One who Must Not be Named.” Losing both parents young in a tragic accident, she grows up ignorant and innocent – in the once loving household of her grandmother in Oto-oro.

Ethan is the half English, half Nigerian son of an Oto-oro elder who is determined to explore his Urhobo heritage and connect to his father’s people. Against the odds, he leaves his life of privilege behind and departs England for Nigeria. There, he embraces the unknown in a rural village that remains strongly rooted in the belief of ancient deities and ancestral magic.

What started as a chance meeting soon blossoms into young love and a secret affair. But Urhie is not all she seems. She is strongly desired by the youngest son of Oto-oro‘s dying, old king. A son of fate himself, Efemena – wears the language of the old gods tattooed on his skin as an everlasting emblem.
This is an epic story of love and betrayal, of freedom and bondage, of tradition and broken covenants.
This is a story of indigenous gods and the strokes of fate that bind the lives of simple men.

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