The Sarcastic Ghost” by J.S. Giles 

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“There was no concluding clang of the coin coming to a halt as its gyroscopic momentum ended. There was nothing but thick silence. A wintry shiver of fear ran down Theresa’s spine as the reality hit her. There was someone in her room.”

Theresa may be an introvert, but she is a hardworking young sales engineer whose lifelong ambition is to own home. Through good stewardship of her finances, she saved enough money to try her luck on the bargains at a public auction.

But a series of favorable events mysteriously line up, allowing Theresa to purchase stately antebellum home for the modest price of a fixer upper. A home tucked away on a quiet brick-paved street, canopied by moss-laden live oaks in the heart of the historic district of Savannah, Georgia. Theresa’s new home is everything she dreamed of owning. Except that it’s inhabited by a snide aristocratic ghost who seems to think he still owns it.

Not accustomed to having her space encroached on, and certainly not a believer of ghosts, Theresa struggles to accept Archie’s presence in her home.

But why exactly is a 1900’s Englishman haunting a house in the American Deep South?

And what else lurks in the shadows with schemes of their own?

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