“The Self-Esteem Guide: A Step by Step Guide to Building Self Esteem, Gaining Confidence and Achieving Your Goals” by Dr Jitesh Arora

There is no doubt that everyone is born with certain gifts, talents, and unique abilities. However, recognizing these innate capabilities is something that takes time, patience, and to a certain extent, desire. The journey from fledgling immature instincts to accomplished aptitudes is a rewarding one, which fosters confidence and increased self-esteem. Developing a vision of who you are and what you want from life is at the forefront of The Self Esteem Guide.

Dr. Jitesh Arora captures the essence of what turns weak characteristics into strengths, and why self-esteem is so important for attaining life’s joys.

  • Learn the benefits of setting meaningful goals and the secrets to fulfilling them.
  • Discover the true value of your self-worth and explore the avenues that lead to greater understanding and positive thinking.

This is a guide you’ll read in an hour but cherish for a lifetime. Within the pages of this timely, instructional guide gather the information you’ll need to succeed.

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