“The Steelville Affair : Welcome To Dreamers Ridge (1)”  by Queen Lewis Welch 

“Oh God! I’m going to die…” Ivy told herself as different crazy thoughts collided in her head while she froze and clutched at her bag.After surviving the second panic attack in one night, Ivy was cursing her self judgment for moving into a neighborhood like this. What was she thinking? After the heartbreak she wasn’t sure she wanted to be in her old town anymore, she needed a change of environment. But like everything it seemed her decision was turning against her, it’s almost the dead of night, her car had run out of fuel on her way home and all she’s left with is a cell-phone …. with a dead battery.

With the Neighborhood getting more spooky by the minute, her only option was taking the fourteen minutes walk home but that meant going through the alley and she was more terrified than she would like to admit. Taking cautious steps towards the Alley, Ivy heard footsteps… Someone was following her, her heart stopped for a moment as her purse fell to the ground. Feeling helpless, she froze up as the figure got closer, she felt cornered and her bladder suddenly felt the need for her to go. What a mess Ivy.

She heard a dog bark, and a male voice calling for the dog. Neither his voice or tone sounded like someone who was out looking for people to hurt, she felt safe. The stranger seemed very polite, unlike any man she has met before. Ivy pleads he walks her home and he agrees, Cautioning her about being out by this time in the neighborhood, saying she could get mugged. But Ivy intuition says he is warning about more than a mugging.

Ivy Martin has had a rough year, juggling trying to heal through her heartbreak in a new neighborhood while also looking for someone to take care of her dying adopted mother and now finding out some of her neighbors are wanted for murder… She wonders how to process all of these in a new neighborhood that is unlike anywhere she’s ever lived before.

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