“Under Contract: The Guide on Buying a House: Getting Serious About Understanding the Home Buying Process” by Alexander Farmer


Learn the techniques, tips and tricks that will help make you into a rockstar when it comes to buying a house! The purchase of a house is among the single most expensive purchases you can make in your lifetime. In this book, you will learn everything you need to make it go well. Homebuying can be an emotional and frustrating process with a lot of variables and situations that can arise and derail the purchase. Make sure that does not happen to you!

No other book was written to guide you to the finish line in a seller’s market and show you how to have a good experience when buying a house by focusing on the top issues that arise and how they can be prevented. This book also will provide you with advice on finding the top professionals to add to your home buying team and how to work with them to achieve the best results, and finally, we cover how the home buying process works and how to have a smooth closing.

I provide you with answers to common questions on how to buy a house throughout this book, and I aim to add an immense amount of value in a concise format so that you can become very knowledgeable about the home buying process in a short amount of time.

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