What You Need to Know While Investing for Financial Freedom” by Ranjit Kulkarni

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Why do normal individual investors repeatedly burn their fingers, and money, when it comes to investing? Why are so many individual investors confused or worried, and at a loss to determine what to do, when it comes to money and making it grow? Why is it that most investors feel ‘I don’t understand this’ and stay away or leave investing to so-called experts? If you have ever wondered if there is a simple way that will help you stop taking those dubious investing decisions, then you need this book.

The objective of this book is to provide knowledge, insight and perspective to individual investors on investing for financial independence. This book contains Basic First Principles, Writings that emphasize the Importance of Mindset, and excerpts from Books on Investing you must read. It is not structured as a ‘Step-By-Step Guide to Financial Freedom’.
Rather it covers (a) various techniques and considerations, (b) provides balanced perspectives on tools and options for investing, (c) demonstrates to the reader how mindset and temperament are critical in their investing journey, and (d) includes excerpts from important investing books and gurus that the reader can learn from.

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