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Joseph & Julius Chatman

AN INTERVIEW WITH AUTHORS JOSEPH & JULIUS CHATMAN | AUTHOR INTERVIEW This week it is my pleasure to interview authors Joseph & Julius Chatman. Me: Did you always know that you would write a book [...]

The Adventures of Potato Kid

"The Adventures of Potato Kid" by Edward Hanson | Author | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Join Potato Kid and his friends as they explore many adventures together. Fly the skies and [...]

Upgrade Your Life

"Upgrade Your Life" by Max Mason | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | Improve your life by developing mental toughness and breaking bad mental habits that are holding you [...]

The Scent of Rain

Get Your Copy FREE! 2/13-2/14 "The Scent of Rain" by  Robyn Locksley | GoodReads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Sparks flew when serendipity struck, and Brick Starling first met Aurora Bradley. The magnetism [...]


"MY VISION AFTER COVID-19: MUSLIMS AND NON-MUSLIMS" by MOHAMMED AL KHATHAMI In this era of human history on planet Earth, specifically in the year 2020 AD, a very small creature that can't be seen with [...]


Get Your Copy FREE! Limited Time! "Ascension" by Anneliese Khalil An intense, philosophical, thought-provoking supernatural thriller. On the night Joel Stevens attempts suicide, he experiences a vision that instills in him an obsession to become [...]

Soul on Empty

"Soul on Empty" by Tony Barbieri Tony Barbieri craves more than a janitorial position in a working-class neighborhood; he longs to be the man behind the films, transforming scenes into captivating movies—The Filmmaker. When fate [...]

The One Called Chosen

"The One Called Chosen" by Isio D. Wanogho | Instagram | Urhie is the girl who should never have been born. She was given as a gift to desperate parents by the powerful goddess the [...]

The Attachment Styles Mastery

"The Attachment Styles Mastery" by Jeff Green Do all your relationships seem to follow the same pattern, no matter who you’re with? Do you encounter similar issues from relationship to relationship? Do you think you’ve [...]

Cold Lonely Courage

"Cold Lonely Courage" by Soren Paul Petrek | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Madeleine Toche races to the front only to find her brother mortally wounded during the German Blitzkrieg attack on France at [...]

Black Hole Town

"Black Hole Town" by Henry Hinder "It is tempting." "Aye," Fortz replies. "And when has temptation ever been a bad thing?" Two wild Scots. Drugs. Drink. Gambling. An abusive girlfriend. Time to hit the road. [...]

Lighthouse Cottage

"Lighthouse Cottage" by  Barbara Cool Lee Sheltered heiress Lori York runs away to the isolated island lighthouse at Pajaro Bay. But when a mysterious man washes ashore during a winter storm, she has to figure [...]

Nineteen Seventy

"Nineteen Seventy: A New Orleans Witches Family Saga" by Sarah M. Cradit One of the seven will die. There's nothing they can do to stop it. 1970. New Orleans. The seven Deschanel siblings live with [...]

An Irish Affair

"An Irish Affair: A Second Chance Secret Baby Romance" by Ajme Williams I’d always found Irish men to be irresistible. And Devin? He’s the hottest one of them all. I had my chance with him. [...]

Please Keep Me Safe

"Please Keep Me Safe" by Glenn Stevens | Facebook | You Can’t Always Be There for Your Child. Child abduction and sexual abuse are terrifying realities in every country. You love your child but you [...]

My Little Journal of Big Book Ideas

"My Little Journal of Big Book Ideas: A Writer's Workbook & Journal" by TJ Robinson Character development journal | Series tracking journal | Writer's log and workbook When I began writing and publishing my novels [...]